aptiquiz Monday, 23 May, 2022


The S.I unit of Luminious Intensity is?



Ampere is a unit of-

Electric Current


Momentum Is measured as product of

Mass and Velocity


Definition of Force comes from Newton which Law

First Law of Motion


In a Hydroelectrical power station which energy is converted into electrical energy

Kinetic Energy


When the two bodies stick together after the collision it is 

Completely Inelastic


What is the value of G(Gravitational Constant)?

-6.673×10-11 N m2 kg-2


At which place weight of the body at the centre of the earth is-



The intensity of the earth's gravitational field is maximum at?

The Poles


As we go from the equator to the poles the value of 'g' is 



Who discovered the 'Law of floatation



Electromagnetic radiation with maximum wavelength is

Radio Waves


Tritium is an isotope of



Electromagnetic radiation with maximum wavelenght is

Radio Waves


which ray have the highest frequency

Cosmic rays


Which electromagnetic wave has the longest wave lenght

Infra red rays


Who propogated the Modern periodic law



Which is the most electromagative element



The element that has the highest first ionization potential is?



Hydrophyte are the-

Aquatic plants


Chlorophyll containing autotropic thallophytes are called as 



Ribosome are discovered by



What is the main function of Ribosome

It take part in protein synthesis


Who discovered Lysosome

De duve


Chromosomes are made up of

DNA and Protein


Plant cell wall is mainly composed of