Current Affairs Test 1

In which state has Kanya Van Samruddhi Yojana been launched?

Who among the given has won the women’s 100 m event at the 58th National Inter State Senior Athletics Championship, Guwahati?

The 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup will be held in which country?  

What is the full form of ‘S’ in PMSMA ?

The Indian Navy recently participated in Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with which of the following countries?

 Footballer Andres Iniesta belongs to which country ?

 ___________ won Malaysian Open Badminton singles title.  

The Virutal ID system of UIDAI rolled out from July 1 is a _____ digit number mapped with Aadhaar number.  

Who is the current Chief Election Commissioner of India?

Sathyasri Sharmila from _________ has become the first transgender lawyer of India.

Footballer Andres Iniesta belongs to which country ?