Current Affairs Test 28

Who among the given has won the 2018 Abel Prize?

The Department of Post recently released a special cover on Stephen Hawking to pay homage to him. Stephen Hawking was a legendary theoretical_______

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed on __________

Which Indian city has been ranked as the best city to live in India according to Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings 2018?

According to the Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey report, which city has been ranked as the world’s best city to live?

The Indian Army has launched a book titled “Paramveer Parwane” showcasing the bravery of Paramveer Chakra Awardees from 1947 to 1965. Who is the author of the book?

Who among the given has been re-elected as the Vice-President of Nepal for second term?

The researchers have recently discovered the world’s longest sandstone cave named Krem Puri in which of the following states of India?

What is the constituency of the Union Cabinet Minister of Corporate Affairs?

Kedarnath Singh, the renowned poet has passed away. He was associated with which language?