aptiquiz Monday, 23 May, 2022

Current Affairs Test 68

Which among the following has won the best feature film award at the 65th National Film Awards?

The Government of India has launched e-FRRO scheme to provide hassle-free travel for foreigners visiting India. What does FRRO stands for?

Which state government has made Aadhaar mandatory to avail any state run free nutrition scheme to bring transparency in the initiative?

Ram Kumar, who passed recently, was associated with which field?

Who among the following has won the gold medal in men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol event at Commonwealth Games 2018?

The SIDBI has tied up with which among the given to promote micro enterprises in 115 aspirational districts across the country to contribute in their development?

Name the nation-wide initiative launched by the Government of India from April 14 to May 5 in order to educate the BPL families.

The 7th edition of Home Expo India 2018 will be inaugurated in which of the following cities?

Which among the given days has been announced by the government to be observed as Ujjwala Diwas?

The government of India has recently inaugurated the Assembly & Distribution Centre for Solar Study Lamps in which of the following states?